David Johnstone

David Johnstone
David Johnstone

With over 20 years’ experience in the luxury and lifestyle sector, David Johnstone has an innovative approach to the creative commercial sector with proven success in the creation, development and implementation of a wide range of luxury, leisure and media related marketing initiatives. Johnstone started his career at 18 as a hotelier at the Grosvenor House Park Lane he then went on to found the first Lifestyle Management company: The Savile Row of Tailor Made England. In 1999 Johnstone took his expertise and experience into the lifestyle domaine by becoming the CEO & Founder of the sophisticated private members lifestyle club, The Renaissance Club.

With the creation of the Free Holdings group, he has created an impressive holding company with over 30 business/brands in the Lifestyle, Luxury, PR, Marketting, Animation, Events, Loyalty and Charitable sectors including: Key-2 Luxury, The Global Party, Pearl DME, Champagne for Life, ChariTable Bookings through to UNITY Magazine.

Together, Johnstone and his business partner, Lord Fink, have created a holding company that has a strong philanthropic drive. With over 2,000,000 NET raised for worldwide charitable causes resulted in the formation of The Global Charity Trust of which Johnstone and Fink are joint trustees.

Press Releases

In 2010 Free Holdings was established as a limited holding company by David Johnstone and...
View Download Send Released: 30th Jan 2016
With over 20 years’ experience in the luxury and lifestyle sector, Johnstone has an innovative...
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The Global Party, really is one invitation to rule them all and this year it is an invitation to...
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The Global Charity Trust's (part of CAF - Charities Aid Foundation – charity number 268369)...
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Sloan Mag
Published: 3rd May 2017
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The ever-elegant Gabriel Hotel is once again hosting the world's largest charity...
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A maior festa solidária do mundo aterra em Lisboa nesta sexta-feira. A iniciativa “The...
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The largest invite-only VIP charity event in the world is about to make it’s debut in...
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Ya ha llegado, por fin está aquí. Septiembre es, desde hace ya varios años, el mes...
Published: 16th Sep 2014
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The Global Party is the world's largest invite-only VIP charity event and on Friday...
Published: 10th Sep 2014
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G. Nasrallah Fourrures, Lebanon’s renowned luxury fur boutique established in 1952,...
Published: 6th Sep 2014
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The first Global Party Elite VIP’s event in Lebanon included a Fur Fashion show by G....
Published: 5th Sep 2014
Source: Le Blog de Chanty View Download Send

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