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Earth 2 Hub™ brings together leading-edge international creatives, scientists, technologists and futurists to explore how new science, new technology and new thinking could positively impact on the future. Comprising Earth 2 Hub™ Ltd - visioning the future, and Earth 2 Design™ Ltd - designing the future, Earth 2.0® group was born of an idea conceived in the Atlantic Forest in Brazil in 2009 and was incorporated in London, United Kingdom in 2011.

During Earth 2 Hub™'s 18 month alpha phase we produced several experimental media projects including Earth 2.0: Initialization short film, which premiered at the Sci-Fi London Film Festival in April 2011; Earth 2.0® magazine and blog, featuring interviews and guest contributions from pioneering thinkers in science, art and digital; the creation of a series of storyboards, illustrations, animations and short films exploring the potential of new science, new technology and new thinking to build a brighter future; the creation of a feature film treatment and script for Earth 2.0: the movie; research, development and design of a virtual 'Earth 2 Hub' where users become avatars able to access and interact with new futurism-relevant data; online hangouts around themes including pop-up cities, smart technologies and biomimetics; participation in several international media projects and events organised by members of our growing network of international collaborators and partners; research and development of a mobile platform for Earth 2 Hub in the form of an app that integrates with our wider digital portfolio; building a social media community spanning Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and Flipboard.

Our multi-award winning website showcases these and other past and present Earth 2 Hub™ group projects. Works in progress include the development of a series of eBooks, including 'The Digital Art of Earth 2 Hub' and 'Building as Unusual', and further futurism short film projects, developed in partnership with collaborators in science, technology and the audiovisual arts, that harness the very latest in digital illustration, animation, film, web, mobile and publishing.

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