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The ever-elegant Gabriel Hotel is once again hosting the world's largest charity event, The Global Party, on September 24, in an evening that will have some of the biggest VIPs partying in philanthropic style…
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A maior festa solidária do mundo aterra em Lisboa nesta sexta-feira. A iniciativa “The Global Party” decorre ao longo do mês de setembro, em 360 cidades diferentes, num ambiente de luxo e exclusividade.
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The largest invite-only VIP charity event in the world is about to make it’s debut in Singapore at the House Of Dandy.
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Ya ha llegado, por fin está aquí. Septiembre es, desde hace ya varios años, el mes dedicado a la caridad. El Presidente de The Global Party, Lord Fink, y el Director Ejecutivo, David Johnstone, tratan de concienciar a la sociedad a través de un evento que recibe el mismo nombre.
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The Global Party is the world's largest invite-only VIP charity event and on Friday evening, Nairobi had the pleasure of hosting the event for the first time ever.
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G. Nasrallah Fourrures, Lebanon’s renowned luxury fur boutique established in 1952, joined the Global Party’s first VIP event in Lebanon, organized by the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL) in collaboration with Phoenicia Intercontinental Beirut to raise funds for the treatment of kids...
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The first Global Party Elite VIP’s event in Lebanon included a Fur Fashion show by G. Nasrallah and a Walk-in Closet by International Lebanese Designer Georges Hobeika, in addition to live entertainment, and live food stations.
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Phoenicia Beirut: It was an event where Fahsion Meets Passion for a Noble Cause and it was a great success. In partnership with The Global Party & PhoeniciaBeirut,
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In partnership with the Global Party & Phoenicia Intercontinental Beirut
The Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL) hosted the Sunset Rendevous, on Wednesday 3rd of September,where fashion met Passion for a Noble Cause at Amethyste Lounge,Phoenicia Intercontinental Beirut.
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ome diceva un successo radiofonico di qualche anno fa. Adesso è possibile, magari con un buon aperitivo in uno dei posti più suggestivi della Versilia. Anzi, con l'aperitivo più buono che ci sia, il Global Principe Spritz. Buono in tutti i sensi, perché si tratta del protagonista assoluto del...
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