The Global Charity Trust

The Global Charity Trust
The Global Charity Trust

The Global Charity Trust’s philanthropic mission is to directly support many local and worldwide charitable projects by raising much needed funds and awareness through the support of the Free Holdings group.

The Global Charity Trust works with a range of charities from small projects to large endeavours, with a focus on health, the elderly, education, the environment, animal welfare, the arts and children’s well-being. To date the Trust has raised in excess of £2,000,000 NET directly for good causes.

The Trust was created by David Johnstone, CEO/Founder of the Free Holdings group with his partner and fellow trustee, Lord Stanley Fink. The Global Charity Trust is established under the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF, registered charity number 268369).

Press Releases

The Global Party 2015
View Download Send Released: 28th Jan 2015
The ever-elegant Gabriel Hotel is once again hosting the world's largest charity...
Published: 18th Sep 2014
Source: cairoscene View Download Send
A maior festa solidária do mundo aterra em Lisboa nesta sexta-feira. A iniciativa “The...
Published: 17th Sep 2014
Source: Lux Woman View Download Send
The largest invite-only VIP charity event in the world is about to make it’s debut in...
Published: 16th Sep 2014
Source: Time Out Singapore View Download Send
Ya ha llegado, por fin está aquí. Septiembre es, desde hace ya varios años, el mes...
Published: 16th Sep 2014
Source: EL IBERICO View Download Send
G. Nasrallah Fourrures, Lebanon’s renowned luxury fur boutique established in 1952,...
Published: 6th Sep 2014
Source: View Download Send
In partnership with the Global Party & Phoenicia Intercontinental Beirut The...
Published: 3rd Sep 2014
Source: Beiruting View Download Send
In Partnership with The Global Party & Phoenicia Intercontinental Beirut, The...
Published: 2nd Sep 2014
Source: RPNLebanon View Download Send
Hedge Funders, Entrepreneurs and A-listers join forces for a worthy cause.
Published: 1st Sep 2014
Source: The Telegraph -... View Download Send

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