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Exclusivity is the key to many status-minded consumers' hearts, so how better to convey that feeling than through a gift that can't be purchased for any price? such, in fact, is essentially the premise behind the Key-2-Luxury key ring, a corporate gift that bestows upon the recipient an ongoing...
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Key-2 Luxury has recently launched its premium sister company - Champagne for Life.
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The brainchild of David Johnstone, Key-2 Luxury offers individuals the opportunity of gaining substantial privileges from the worlds finest luxury services, simply by presenting a key ring.
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An increasing number of chief executives and senior bankers can be spotted around the city carrying silver plated key-rings engraved with the words Key-2 Luxury
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"The silver key ring unlocks the the door to a world of luxury for life”.
Key-2 Luxury gives its members „unique and exclusive VIP privileges for life, with up to 3 personal contacts at every venue‟. Anything luxurious you can think of is now at your finger tips from discounted fashion, hotels...
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David Johnstone thinks he has come up with the gadget to beat all others. He is the founder of Key-2 Luxury, which is modestly described as, "the lifestyle accessory complementing and creating loyalty between both our luxury partners and thousands of high net-worth clients, by offering...
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For those who appreciate the finer things in life, KEY-2 Luxury is the ultimate VIP accessory
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Luxury brands know how to woo their well-heeled clientele by massaging their ego with their unique rewards program. Key-2 Luxury is one such unique luxury reward program that entitles its owner to enjoy a series of VIP luxuries for life.
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In association with Key-2 Luxury
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In a world where luxury is becoming increasingly accessible to all, if at a price, there is one accessory in the market that lives up to its reputation for true exclusivity and luxury. The silver Key-2 luxury key ring exists to do on thing for its owner: to give that little extra that truly...
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