London Lifestyle Awards

London Lifestyle Awards
London Lifestyle Awards
London Lifestyle Awards

The London Lifestyle Awards is a celebration of London. Not just the London that is a must see tourist attraction, but its unique lifestyle that has been created and lives in every Londoner. On a night that is attended by fabulous, famous faces and the best of the best of London business, it’s no wonder that the London Lifestyle Awards is now one of the years must go to events for any individual proud enough to call themselves a Londoner.

The London Lifestyle Awards does exactly what it says on the tin! Everyday thousands of Londoners pass by various businesses, events and individuals without fully appreciating them for what they bring to the city. But for the last year the LLA have been honoring those who help to fashion the identity of London, from the coffee shops that supply us with our daily fix of much needed caffeine, to the gyms that we drag ourselves to after work, even the theatres that harbour the classic musicals to the contemporary pieces. For these attractions and the faces who work so hard behind the scenes to make them the success they are, the London Lifestyle Awards are here to admire, commend and thank them for the lifestyle that they have helped contribute to our city!

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Mark Kebble interviews Jason Gale, the founder of The London Lifestyle Awards.
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